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April 18, 1997
National Research Council Canada and Terra Aerospace enter Licensing Agreement for Robotic Security Vehicles.
Preliminary agreement has been reached between the National Research Council Canada, The Canadian Police Research Centre and Terra Aerospace involving a license for Terra Aerospace to manufacture the MERV robotic surveillance Vehicle. The MERV robot was designed by RCMP personnel to provide remote surveillance capability primarily in "Tactical' situations to protect police officers.

The exclusive license to manufacture the MERV vehicle will be granted to Terra Aerospace after an exhaustive search of domestic (Canadian) robot manufacturers to determine the most suitable manufacturer for the MERV robot. Terra was selected based on the corporations advanced capability in the design and manufacture of robotic vehicles and systems, and the presence and credibility in the world market to effectively distribute this highly useful vehicle to domestic and international Police and Military agencies on a global basis.

The original design will be modified to effectively fit into the Terra Aerospace family of robotic vehicles, and to maximize manufacturing efficiencies to enable Terra to produce this robot for sale into the security market at very highly competitive prices.

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