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Toycen Industries Inc.

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Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Date Title
May 8, 1997 International Software Designers Join Forces with Terra Aerospace
April 21, 1997 US Military Selects Terra Aerospace as Supplier of Unique Explosive Handling System.
April 18, 1997 National Research Council Canada and Terra Aerospace enter Licensing Agreement for Robotic Security Vehicles.
April 16, 1997 Advanced Command/Control Systems Earns Terra Aerospace Microsoft Developer Status.
March 20, 1997 Terra Aerospace pledges Support to McGill University "T-MAP" Robotic Program
February 21, 1997 University of Ottawa and Terra Aerospace team on Research in Advanced Concept Robotic Systems.
January 27, 1997 Robotic Success Story Continues for Terra Aerospace Corporation
January 15, 1997 US Military Agencies Confirm Acceptance of Terra Aerospace Designed Explosive Handling Systems.
December 19, 1996 Long Range Wireless Control Concepts Create Interest from High-Tech Community.
December 17, 1996 McGill University joins Terra Aerospace in Co-operative Robotic Development Program.
March 20, 1996 DND Canada Selects Unique Dual Crimpers to Replace Existing Standard Tools.
March 25, 1996 Bomb Squad Armed for Duty
December 12, 1995 Windsor Police Select Advanced Robot for Bomb Squad
June 24, 1995 Unique Explosive Crimping Tools improve Personnel Performance and Safety.
January 15, 1995 DND Canada Selects Terra Aerospace to Re-equip Explosive Disposal Teams
September 3, 1994 Bombs Away-Terra Aerospace Signs Quartet of contracts, blasts into a market leading position
August 26, 1994 Terra Aerospace Wins Contract With US Army
March 30, 1994 Terra Aerospace / Westinghouse team lands DND Canada Robot tender
July 2, 1993 Explosive Technology