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April 21, 1997
US Military Selects Terra Aerospace as Supplier of Unique Explosive Handling System.
Terra Aerospace announced today that the US Military has approved all recommended modifications to the Terra designed and manufactured line of remote "Hook and Line" handling equipment which is used by explosive disposal personnel. The approved modifications were directed at a re-configuration and re-organization of equipment which will allow for better portability, weight reduction and optimum equipment being accessible to the technician.

These recommended modifications were undertaken by Terra Aerospace after an extensive benefit analysis conducted between Terra and field operators to ensure the suitablilty of all proposed system modifications.

Terra Aerospace Software Developers Unveil Multi-Configurable Command System. Terra Aerospace electorrincs and software design group have completed field tests of a "multi-Configurable" command systems which will be integrated into the Terra Aerospace family of robotic vehicles. This unique custom designed, modular electronics system has the capability to be programmed to operate virtually any type of remotely operated vehicle system. This electronics module will form an important component of the WISDOMCOM command link currently in development at Terra Aerospace.

The "programable" capability of this electronics package will provide the capability to integrate different control systems into virtually any remote controlled vehicle system, which is of vital importance to Police, Military and security agencies worldwide. It is anticipated that initial production of this modular electronics package will be completed in mid July 1997.

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