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March 25, 1996
Bomb Squad Armed for Duty
In Greek Mythology, it's a vicious three headed guard dog. To the Windsor Ontario Police bomb squad officers, its a high-tech robot that can do the delicate and dangerous job of removing bombs or hazardous chemicals .

"It's the most up-to-date in North America," said Carl Speranza, who heads the departments seven officer Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU). "We're the only people with this one." The arrival of this high-tech robot is a welcome sight for the bomb squad who were relying on an out-dated and unreliable robotic vehicle.

The three armed, computer controlled robot was designed by Ottawa based Terra Aerospace Corp. A firm well known for it's expertise and innovation in the field of security robotics and remote handling equipment for explosives disposal. Sgt Speranza also noted that the advanced design and operating systems of the Cerberus robot will allow bomb squad officers the ability to operate more efficiently, confidently and safely.

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