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September 3, 1994
Bombs Away-Terra Aerospace Signs Quartet of contracts, blasts into a market leading position
With the announcement of almost 1/2 million dollars in contracts in the final 2 weeks of August, one thing is certain - there are no bombs on the books at Terra.

Terra was founded in 1987 by Seattle native Jeff Toycen and specializes in the creation and manufacture of products for the Explosive disposal field - primarily using robotic systems. The firm struggled through most of its' early years, even up to August sales were lean.

Along with deals over the past seven years, a contract in Southeast Asia worth $ 132,000.00 another in Central America for $ 72,000.00 for specialized robotic handling equipment, the shipment of $100,000.00 in Hook and line systems to a NATO Country: and the finalization of a contract for $100,000.00 in equipment for the US Army puts Terra equipment on virtually every continent.

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